The Upstate Data Project is focused on helping local governments in Upstate New York make better use of data and technology to improve services, increase engagement with outside innovators, and enhance communities.

This project is developing strategies that any Upstate government can use to improve how data is collected and used. It promotes engagement with outside technologists and data users to partner with governments to address persistent problems in Upstate communities. It shares and promote new ideas.

If you have data or tech skills and want to make your community better, or if you are a government official that wants help connecting with outside innovators, get in touch.

Municipal Data Playbook

The centerpiece of the Upstate Data Project’s work in 2016 was the development of a playbook that can be used by any Upstate government to improve how it collects, uses and shares data.

The first version of this playbook is now available and detailed blog posts showing how each strategy can be implemented have been published. Future versions of the municipal data playbook will be developed in cooperation with government officials and members of the Upstate data community.