This is a basic set of strategies that any Upstate government can use to improve how it uses data, enhance services and engage with outside innovators. Each of these strategies will be discussed in greater detail in blog posts featured on this site.

Play 1: Release Open Data

Set up an open data site and release open data to encourage data sharing and reuse between government agencies and with the local technology community.

Local governments in NYS can also leverage the State of New York’s open data portal and other resources for publishing data from the state.

Play 2: Leverage Open Data from State Government

Use county and state-level data to cross check municipal records for unlicensed or non-permitted activity, to look for zoning issues or violations, and to develop macro-level economic indicators for your area.

Play 3: Embrace the Power of the Community

Identify and reach out to people in your community that have data or technology skills that want to contribute their time to addressing a community problem. Work with them to identify hard problems that they can use their skills to help fix.

Play 4: Use Data to Reduce Friction

Make every opportunity your citizens have to pay a bill or citation online as intuitive and easy as possible. Identify opportunities to promote related services, and provide targeted information to citizens based on where they live and how they connect.

Play 5: Enhance Data Quality

Use simple tools and strategies to enhance the quality of data your government collects when interacting with citizens. Improve the quality and value of existing data by standardizing addresses and adding geospatial information using open source tools and free resources available from the federal and state government.